Newsletter October 2021

Newsletter October 2021

“You do not need to know precisely what is happening, or

exactly where it is all going. What you need is to recognize

the possibilities and challenges offered by the present

moment, and embrace them with courage, faith and hope."

(Thomas Merton)

Certainly, this past year and a half has taught us that we do not know precisely what is happening or exactly where it is all going. The question is, have we learned to face the challenges with courage, faith and hope. Many times, especially in spiritual writings, life is pictured as a journey, both outward and inward. In the Gospel, the journey itself is more the focus than the destination. Jesus did not explain or describe very clearly the destiny of the life to which he calls us. Jesus’ focus was on the journey, how we act toward one another along the way.

Life in this world is the focus of the Gospel. Doing justice and loving mercy and walking humbly with our God are essential actions on the way. How we act toward one another determines our entry into that which is to come. (Read Matthew 25). It is also important that we do not go alone. We are on the way in community. I think this is one thing we have learned these many days of the pandemic – the importance of one another.

We all need courage, faith and hope at this time of our lives, and the life of our parish community. November 7th is celebrated in the Episcopal Church as All Saints Sunday. I thought is an opportunity to come together as a parish for worship and a chance to see each other and spend a little time recognizing the possibilities and challenges we face together.

I propose an agenda that includes a snapshot of the status of the parish including clergy schedule, worship, needs in various ministries and finances. Also, it is an opportunity for questions members might have.

I believe we would need to meet in the Church, following worship. The space gives us more room. We will plan to have sound amplification to assist those whose hearing is compromised.

Of course, a change in Connecticut’s infection rate, and/or CDC recommendations may alter this plan. I ask you to circle November 7th and think about attending All Saints’ that day. This will be an opportunity to gather together and recognize the possibilities and challenges offered by the present moment, and to embrace them with courage, faith and hope.

Love, Brendan


For many months, members of All Saints’ have had the opportunity to attend Sunday worship via Zoom. It is special for the few who continue to attend, even now. This is possible because Laurie and Ken Burke come early every Sunday to set up and maintain the Zoom connection. In the name of the parish: THANK YOU!


Altar Guild Members. We are now 3 members and are inviting you to join us. In a parish of our size most of you already working in various ministries. Our duties are important to the worship of our community and if our numbers grow through your joining us will mean that no one will work too often.

Duties include:

  • Setting up the altar before service and return items in sacristy after service;

  • Cleaning and sterilizing the chalice and other items used to celebrate the Eucharist;

  • Some washing and ironing of the small linens used weekly.

Members serve one month at a time.

If interested, please contact Amy Riccitelli. Thank you!


Date Reading 1 Reading 2 Prayers of the People

December 5 Mary Mark Curtis III pg. 387

December 12 Pat K. Ken Diane IV pg. 388

December 19 Laurie Mary Calice VI pg. 392

December 24 Paul Mindy Peg III pg. 387

December 26 Calice Diane Pat L. IV pg. 38

Thought for the Day


PRUDENCE CRANDALL is celebrated on September 3rd in the Episcopal Church as a “Holy Woman”. She was born in Rhode Island in 1803, but raised as a Quaker in Canterbury Connecticut. In 1831 she established an academy in Canterbury for the education of young women. When an African-American girl of 17 applied, Prudence could see no just reason to refuse her. She courageously accepted the student, establishing the first integrated classroom in the United States. Troubles soon followed. Parents began pulling their daughters out of the academy. Groups of local citizens met to confront what they called “the nuisance”. The state legislature passed the “Black Laws”, which prohibited the education of black students from out of state, and others vandalized the school building. Prudence, herself was arrested and jailed for a night until someone posted bail. In 1883 locals burned the school down. Fearing for the lives of her students, Crandall closed the school and moved away. In 1886, the state of Connecticut honored Prudence Crandall with a small pension and she is now recognized as an official “State Heroine”.


In Person Services

In-Person services have resumed.

Shoreline Soup Kitchen is in Need of Contributions

Many of our neighbors are in need of food in this crisis. Our local Soup Kitchens are in need of contributions to respond to this need.

If you wish to send a contribution, please send a check to the following address. In the "Memo: write All Saints' food drive.

Shoreline Soup Kitchens and Pantries
P.O. Box 804
Essex, CT 06426

Thank you,
Your Vestry

Blue Bag Sunday

Blue Bag Sundays have resumed.

The third Sunday of the month is the official collection day at All Saints' Church for donations to the Shoreline Soup Kitchen. Blue bags are located in the Parish Room, where non-perishable food items are collected. Even if you do not remember to get a bag, food and monetary donations are gladly accepted in any bag, on any day the church is open.

Care Packages for the New Horizons Women's Shelter

All Saints' Episcopal Church collects items for the New Horizons Women's Shelters of Clinton and Middletown. The organization is looking for donations of umbrellas, body washes, slippers, kitchen trash bags, aluminum foils, saran wraps, zip lock bags (all sizes), canned soups (that kids like), canned tunas, juice boxes, cereals, boxed mac & cheeses, snacks for kids lunches and toiletries. These items can be placed in the box labelled New Horizons in the Parish Room.

Ink Cartridges

There is a box on top of the file cabinet in the Parish Room for empty ink cartridges. The donated cartridges are taken to Staples and the Church receives $2.00 for each cartridge and this money is used to purchase supplies.